Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Last week I visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of my Curating Art module at the University of Manchester. The majority of the sculptures are outside and luckily we had a nice day (for the majority of it anyway!) The whole park is  dotted with sculptures and with such vast grounds it is easy to spend a  whole day wandering the park and soaking in the sights.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park has a lovely, moderP1080821n visitors center with a quaint little shop full of products that were designed especially for sale in   the park. The cafe is beautiful, with a huge glass wall that overlooks the park and a large and varied menu that has something for everyone (I helped myself to the delicious homemade chips served in a cute little bucket).

The sculptures that are placed outside have a certain affinity with the surrounding landscape. They seem as if they were always meant to live in the park and be at one with nature. It is also particularly novel for the avid museum-goer that you can also touch many of the sculptures on display outside, adding another dimension of engagement between the visitor and artwork.

The park is so appealing because of its exploratory value. yspcollage2The main sights are marked out on the park map but on the way there are plenty of other sculptures and statues to discover around every corner and behind every tree. A variety of different sights and scenes keeps the visitor entertained, one minute you are in a rose filled green house and the next you are on a bridge overlooking a trickling stream. The delightful variety of sculptures and the exploratory nature of the park means that Yorkshire Sculpture Park offers something for everyone and would be a delightful day out if you are 7 or 70. Even though I did not have brilliant weather on the day that I visited, I enjoyed the natural atmosphere of the park immensely, so I can only imagine how beautiful the park would be in the height of summer!


P1080802 P1080815 P1080819


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