MOSI – Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

In my time living in Manchester I had not yet visited MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) and as a good Museum Studies student I felt the need to visit while mulling over some dissertation topics.Β Now, I am not particularly charmed by Science Museums and industrial history does not particularly interest me so maybe this should have been a foreshadowing of my visit….However, after slightly falling in love with the National Railway Museum in York I felt that perhaps I had been converted and anyway, never knock something until you’ve tried it.

Unfortunately, MOSI didn’t capture me the way that the National Railway Museum did. Maybe it is because it isn’t as grand or maybe it is because (i’m sorry!) I don’t find Manchester’s cotton industry that interesting. The child inside me loved the moving displays in Power Hall and the interactive exhibits upstairs in the Great Western Warehouse and from the amount of families with small children that I saw, it looked fun for family members of all ages. There were some lovely displays that I found interesting (Air and Space Gallery in particular) and I am sure that anyone with an interest in the historical industries of the north would find MOSI a fascinating place, but I’m afraid it just wasn’t for me.


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