How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

With over 500 million users, Twitter is the perfect platform to shout about your newest posts, ideas and blog content and a great way to entice new readers to your site. Taking the time to promote your blog posts is just as important as the content that goes into them. What is the point of creating great content if nobody knows where to find it?

Twitter helps you to connect with your audience by creating conversations and questions as well as promoting your newest blog post or business venture. Reach out and connect with your target audience through Twitter and drive that traffic right back to your blog posts!

Catch Their Eye

Using images is a great way to grab attention in the fast-paced Twitter feeds. If you attach an interesting, informative or attractive image to your tweet, your audience are more likely to notice your tweet and click through the corresponding blog page. Make sure that the image relates to your tweet and provides an intriguing insight into the content of your post. Incite curiosity with an image and your audience will want to find out more by visiting your blog!


Hashtags are a great way to attract interested people to your post. Hashtags highlight the common discussion subjects in your blog post and help people when searching for theme-specific tweets. If you want to promote a particular blog, contest or product, you can even create your own hashtags to generate some interest! If others use your hashtag when tweeting about your blog then this creates a dialogue on Twitter between you and your audience and could lead to more traffic for your site.

Give an Even Mix

Nobody wants to see and hear the same things on their Twitter feed all the time. If you over-post about the same products, pages or blog posts then your audience are likely to get bored – nobody likes a ‘hard sell’. Give your audience an even mix of your blog and article links alongside retweets and posts from people in your industry, interesting news or events. This will help you to build your brand online and really show your current and potential readers/customers what you are all about.

Just a Little Taste

Your tweets don’t have to always reflect the title of your blog posts. Feel free to experiment and see what works when attracting your audience. Give your followers a little taste of the topic of your blog post by posing questions, giving cryptic (but related!) tweets or using a quote from the page that you want them to visit. Giving your audience something a little different each time keeps your posts fresh and intriguing and also makes your tweets more re-tweetable.

Return the Love

If you have loyal blog readers that leave comments or regularly share your posts then Twitter is a great place to show your appreciation! A tweet not only shows your readers that you appreciate their support but also shows newer readers that your blog already has fans that love the content. Also, if your blog mentions prominent companies, customers or bloggers then mentioning them in a tweet linking back to your post is a great way to receive retweets and high-profile followers! If the author of your blog changes regularly, or you have used a guest blogger then it is a great opportunity to mention them on Twitter. Not only does this promote your guest blogger but is also likely to promote your blog to their followers too – spread the love!dog-blogging

Written for Digital Pie


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