15 Brilliant Businesses to Follow on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social network sites of the last 5 years. With a global audience built up of around 70 million pinners, Pinterest is the new place to get your company seen and shared. For those of you that haven’t experienced the visual feast that is Pinterest yet: Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that lets you organise images from all over the web onto your personal ‘pinboards’. Users are called ‘Pinners’ who can upload their own images to their personalised boards and also re-pin images from other users.

Pinterest has been proved to have a higher conversion rate compared to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter because of the highly visual content and the possibly to directly link the customer to the product through the pin. Each pin has a link to a web page, be that a blog, information page or product page, so the customer has fewer links to click through to reach the information that they seek.

Many household named brands are utilising Pinterest because of its extensive global reach and high conversion rates. However, Pinterest boards need to be just as carefully cultivated as Twitter feeds or Facebook posts in order to gain followers and appeal to your target market. The companies mentioned here have mastered the art of pinning and have strong Pinterest accounts filled with beautiful images, engaging content and interesting information. Follow their example to build a thriving Pinterest presence to strongly represent your brand.

Followers – 61,800

Proving that Pinterest is not just for weddings, shoes and hair styles, TechCrunch brings all things tech to their pin boards. Full of interesting products, news and infographics, TechCrunch fills a gap in the Pinterest market.

Followers – 957,800

Better Homes & Gardening rake in their followers through their beautiful content. Using not only boards to represent their key themes of homes and gardening, the brand utilise seasonal boards to keep their followers interested and up to date.

Followers – 699,600

The Oh Happy Day Pinterest page is used to promote both the associated blog and shop run by the Oh Happy Day team, creating leads with their fun and funky content. Pinning not only their own but other products and advice, Oh Happy Day has placed themselves as an expert in their field.

Followers – 4.5 million

Hugely successful designer Chris Dangtran showcases his highly dynamic and visual work through a series of themed boards covering every aspect of design from typography to album covers. As well as showcasing his own designs Dangtran also shows his appreciation of other designers by pinning and sharing their work.

Followers – 1.4 million

Mashable’s Pinterest page has become a visual version of their highly successful website. With a huge range of pins covering apps, social media and gadgets to photography, movies and superheroes, Mashable creates a space that is fun and entertaining for any visitor.

Followers – 705,000

Lonely Planet reaches out to travellers all over the world with their inspiring content. Utilising group boards, Lonely Planet invites fellow pinners to contribute to its boards, creating a community vibe that perfectly represents their brand.

Followers – 3,200

The Huffington Post has a number of Pinterest pages with the UK page being just one branch of the corporation’s reach. Splitting their pages into country-focussed pins allows them to better target their audiences with news and trends that are currently popular in their country.

Followers – 20,000

PETA plays on its followers’ likely interests and includes a number of boards such as vegan recipes and products, as well as the most obvious choices of animal rights campaigns and rescued animal photographs. By using this spread of interests, PETA is more likely to attract audiences that it would not have reached with the typical animal rights images alone.

Followers – 99,800

GAP have a relatively small amount of boards in proportion to their large amount of followers. The brand keep their followers hooked by ensuring that every pin is representative of the brand and the image that they want to put across to the customer, even using boards entitled ‘Gap-isms’ and ‘GAPgrams’.

Followers – 94, 400

Pop Sugar emulates is ‘Insanely addictive’ tagline across its social media platforms by ensuring that all content is engaging, fun and of course, addictive. Pinterest is no different with the company constantly updating and adding new content surrounding the latest trends, fashions and gossip.

Followers – 765,500

One of the UK’s most popular newspapers chooses not to focus on news stories on their Pinterest page. Rather, they choose to place emphasis on the visual appeal of baking, photography and fashion, using these popular Pinterest topics to showcase their brand and bring in potential readers.

Followers – 11,400

Lindt shows how each board can be personalised to reflect your brand and become instantly recognisable. Taking inspiration from the tagline ‘Mastering the art of chocolate since 1845’, Lindt emulate this in their boards, using titles such as ‘Mastering Sweet Treats’ and ‘Mastering the Melt’.

Followers – 27,000

HubSpot shows that you don’t have to have the most beautiful products in order to gain thousands of followers. The marketing software company use interesting articles and eye-catching infographics in order to keep their followers entertained while placing themselves as the experts of their field.

Followers – 244,700

It is not only companies and businesses that are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, now heritage organisations are too! Even though they are a not-for-profit organisation, The British Library has a brand to represent too which they do successfully by promoting interesting objects from their collections and products from their shop.

Followers – 4,200

The corporate giants entertain their followers with a quirky mix of the latest Microsoft products, insights into the Microsoft offices and funny boards like ‘Pets Gone Digital’. This hearty assortment promotes the company as a fun and knowledgeable brand.

Get Pinning!

Written for Digital Pie


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