Halloween Baking

IMG_1387Halloween has to be one of my favourite times of the year. I’ve always been a little bit morbid so everything related to ghosts, ghoulies and death has a certain appeal. Despite not attending any Halloween parties this year I did take the chance to do some Halloween themed baking and slap on some spooky makeupΒ to scare the trick-or-treaters.

This year I made one batch of cupcakes but decided to do a variety of themes throughout the batch. I used my basic vanilla cupcake sponge recipe, as I do for the majority of my cakes, but filled half of them with jam – these were to be my ghost cakes. (To fill with jam, simply wait till the cakes are cool and then cut a small round section from the middle of the cake, either with a cupcake corer or a small knife).

On the non-jam-filled cakes I piped vanilla buttercream icing using a piping bag. I then used orange edible glitter to add the first layer of Halloween themed decoration. On three of the cakes I used some very cute sprinkles shaped like bats, ghosts and skull-n-crossbones, while on the other three I piped chocolate spider webs – the good thing about Halloween is that, most of the time, it doesn’t matter if the decorations are messy!


For the remaining jam-filled cakes I decided to try something new and very Halloween specific – cupcake ghosts! They are very impressive when finished but deceptively simple to make. The ghosts themselves are made from regal icing. I bought a ready made box, as I have never really worked with this type of icing before. IMG_1376After rolling the icing out to a consistency of about 3mm thick, I cut out six circles for my six cakes. How big you need to cut the circles depends on how big your cakes are, I simply cut mine by eye – you need to make sure that the circle is big enough to drape over your cake, if you cut it too small, don’t worry just roll out the icing again! Once you have the desired number of icing circles you need to make a small ball of icing for each cake, this will shape your ghost’s head.

When you have the desired number of icing circles and balls, on the plain cupcakes filled with jam, pipe a circle of vanilla buttercream around the edge of the cake. Place an icing ball in the middle of the cake, on top of the jam center (I found that It gave a better shape and height to the ghosts if the icing balls are shaped in a slight teardrop shape). Drape an icing circle over the top of the cake, shaping the icing in waves around the edges – this does not have to be neat, it is a ghost after all.

I finished the ghosts by giving them two small piped chocolate eyes, but how much or little you decorate is completely up to you. I hope you had a spooktacular Halloween!



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