Chelmsford Cathedral on a Whim

For a blog entitled More Than Museums, I haven’t written about anything historical in quite a while. That’s because I really haven’t even visited anywhere historical in quite a while – plenty of baking but no museums!

One of my jobs means that for half of the week I am based in Chelmsford, Essex and luckily on one day I only have to be in the office for half a day. Last week, while I was walking back to the station on my way home after my half-day in the office I decided on a whim that I should visit Chelmsford Cathedral, which I had heard was just a short walk away.

I arrived and, unfortunately, the outside of the building was completely covered in scaffolding which was a bit of a disappointment. The cathedral was not massive but definitely bigger than your average church so I decided that I would definitely have a quick look around inside. I had expected it to be empty, seeing as it was a Thursday afternoon in November, but I found that the cathedral had a fair amount of people wandering around. I was pleasantly surprised that the interior of the space was beautifully decorated, with stunning stained glass and a very unique but beautiful ceiling pattern.


I was lucky enough to catch the organ player at practice which set the scene perfectly as I wandered through. The cathedral also has a few artworks decorating the walls that were a pleasant surprise – a beautifully decorated mosaic of Christ by the entrance and a stunning painting of the tree of life, painted where originally a stained glass window would
have sat. I wasn’t in the cathedral long, but the short while that I was there left me pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the place; I have decided that when the weather is nice it may become my new lunch spot!

IMG_1419 IMG_1418  IMG_1416  IMG_1412 IMG_1420 IMG_1411


4 thoughts on “Chelmsford Cathedral on a Whim

    1. Of course I understand that, being a lover of historical buildings i am well used to seeing buildings while they are undergoing restoration or conservation, I merely commented that it was a disappointment that I didnt get to see the building in its full glory, which I dont think is ridiculous at all 🙂


  1. Chelmsford used to have many more buildings of character that should have been save rather than building 1960s monstrosities. The office block on top of Morrisons near the bridge over the River Chelmer was the site of a old church for instance and many of the shops that had character were replaced. Have a search online and you can see how the Town…oh sorry the ‘City’ once was.


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