Two-Ingredient Healthy Pancakes

IMG_2257In January, I am being healthy! As part of my new healthy eating lifestyle, I thought I would try out some new treats that would help my sweetness cravings but wouldn’t affect my waistline too much. I had been made egg and banana pancakes by a friend and loved them and I thought that I would give it a go in my own kitchen.

These pancakes are delightfully simple, two whisked eggs mixed with one mashed banana and cooked in a frying pan in the same way as traditional pancakes. Be warned, they do not taste like the pancakes that you are used to but have a flavour that is sweet, banana-ryΒ and light.

When you have made your pancake mixture, IMG_2259tip into a piping hot pan and cook for a couple of minutes on each side. This mixture is very loose and quite runny so it is best to let the mixture cook and firm up on one side before even attempting to flip. Even then, I found that I still had some run-off and oozing after I had flipped but this never turned out to be a problem.

My first attempt was decidedly not very attractive (as much as I tried with added honey and blueberries) but they certainly tasted nice and are definitely healthier than the normal pancakes that I like stuffing in my face! Two ingredients, ten minutes to prepare and a great taste, healthy pancakes are definitely my new favourite snack!




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